Swift 4
  • Xcode 9 beta supports Swift versions 3 and 4 only. Support for version 2.3 is removed completely as flag Use Legacy Swift Language Version is no longer present in Build Setting.
  • Just like the last Xcode this one also provides Swift migrator is to help upgrade your Swift code to the latest Swift 4.
  • Force to use latest version is the reason some developers might avoid using Swift to avoid additional efforts required for migration in huge projects.
New simulator

  • Brand new simulator with device case.
  • Hovering over the keys of case shows button press animation.
  • Lock key press actually locks simulator.
  • Home button also responds like device button.

You can use multiple simulators, plus hovering over corners of the case shows arrow which lets you scale to almost any size. Snapshot above shows simultaneously launched simulator with iPhone 7 simulator scaled to lowest possible size and SE to default size.

Touch bar

Good news for non latest Mac Book Pro users, Mac Book Pro touch bar right inside Xcode. You can use this as virtual touch bar for non development task as well!

Cut the cord

This is the best feature introduced in Xcode so far. Choose any of your iOS or tvOS devices on the local network to install, run, and debug your apps – without a USB cord plugged into your Mac.

Click ‘Connect via Network’ checkbox the first time you use a new iOS device.

Once it is connected, device list will show network indicator against it. Wireless development also works in other apps, including Instruments, Accessibility Inspector, Quicktime Player, and Console.

Command click

Command click now shows multiple options.


Xcode 9 makes working with source control – and with GitHub – easier and more tightly integrated. With your GitHub account built into Xcode, the clone window shows all of your personal GitHub repositories, as well as all the repositories where you added a star. From this window, you can search all of GitHub and check out a project with just a click.

Markdown Support

New option to add markdown files.

But not impressed by the way it is rendering Markdown.

New Editor

Greater control over line spacing, multiple font styles, and even the type of cursor.


New built-in refactoring and transformation engine. Refactoring gives snapshot of all available Text in one window.

ARKit Views

New ARKit views on storyboard for SceneKit and SpriteKit

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